Sunday, February 13, 2011

Random thoughts....

It's that time again folks...random thoughts from inside the head of the Queen Bee. Brought to you by the fact that I have absolutely no flipping idea what I should post but I do know that I should post something.

As always sit back and enjoy the craziness that is a part of my brain.

* It is completely wrong that when you look at flower delivery sites the price of the flowers goes double when you want it delivered on Valentine's Day...

* Fear what could be lurking in the corner behind the microwave oven

* snow is overrated. Especially when there is 3 to 4 feet of it in your yard

* Autism isn't a death sentence. It means life will be different. It doesn't mean you have to be terrified or ashamed of it.

* If a vegetable tastes like black licorice, you should tell someone that before they take a big bite of it. Some people despise black licorice.

* Be careful what you say. The person who hears you may be the person you least meant to hurt.

* Nothing is cooler than a teen heartthrob who gets made fun of in the media participating in a commercial where he makes fun of himself. Hilarious!

* It really sucked this year living in the house with a football fan from Wisconsin

* You might be surprised what you can learn if you take the time to ask

* Choosing to work with someone in a professional manner that has the same problems your daughter has could make work quite interesting...

* It truly is possible to write 30 articles a day

* Most preteens act like jackasses and their parents dont seem to care

* I still have not succumbed to the Farmville, Cityville, Frontierville obsession.

There you have it folks.

Have a great week!


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