Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Talking to the wall is sometimes more productive...

When I'm doing something, if someone asks me what I'm doing I answer. "Oh, i'm making a sandwich." or "Not much, just chatting on facebook". It's not a big mystery. I don't have some secret agenda that no one else can know about. Granted, my answers are usually boring. But boring isn't annoying to others. Boring doesn't make them want to scream and throw things at me.

Grumpy, however, he's a different story. If he's in the middle of something I hear "Nothing" or "i'll explain later" or "i'm busy" or my favorite "WHAT????"

I mean seriously.

So tonight because he jinxed us today by saying something would break tonight, the hose to our toilet busted. Oh the joys around here. Last night it was the kitchen faucet. I'm a little scared to face tomorrow.

So he's trying to rig repair it. In the bathroom. Under the toilet. In the bathroom.

So explain to me why in the middle of this process he proceeded to take my dryer out of its lovely little nook and plant it directly in the hallway.

I asked.

He said ....and I quote verbatim....."Let me do my shit and I'll explain later"

So apparently in order to repair the toilet hose in the bathroom, he needed to place the dryer in the hallway.

Only a man could come up with that. And yet he can't take two seconds to tell me why. So instead he continues on, I am perplexed and annoyed to the point of blogging about it. Because that's what I do. I get pissed and I share.

In the meantime, I'll just talk to the walls. At least they don't start moving around my appliances.


Thursday, April 22, 2010

What part of a chicken is the nugget??

I've always been a follower. Oh you want me to drink beer? Sure give me a case or two . Hmmm, smoking will make my buzz better. Well count me in folks. Always the one to do what everyone else was doing. And yes I still am. No I don't drink cases of beer anymore. But if my friends tell me that the Reester Bunny which was created by the devil himself is a perfect treat...well then I must run to Wal-Mart. Or Target. Because all the cool people go to Target.

It's gotten bad. I now want an Ipod Touch. Do I want it because I fell in love with it?? No. Because it has a feature I just HAVE to have?? Nope.

I want it because all my friends have one.

So when everyone else was watching Food, Inc and Supersize Me...and my friend in Nashville forced me allowed me to watch it...I joined the ranks of many touting how I was going to buy only organic meat. And McDonald's wasn't going to be on my menu anymore.

But I came home. And I found that organic meat doesn't agree with a poor person's budget. So I had to bypass that idea. But I stuck to the McDonald's thing, and it wasn't just because I couldn't afford the dollar menu.

Then along came Jamie Oliver. Oh how I love that man. But oh how I hate how he's changed my life. The Food Revolution is one of my favorite shows. I have learned more than I ever cared to know.

Google it folks. Mechanically separated chicken. See how nuggets are made. And Spam/Treet. And hot dogs.

It may change the way you eat. It sure has me. And its not because everyone else is doing it this time. It's because I truly care about what I'm putting into my body. For a change.

Then the same friend who wanted to turn me into a Vegan before I left Nashville decided to post a video on Facebook. It's called the four year old cheeseburger. A woman has a four year old McDonald's cheeseburger and fries in a lunchbox. They didn't break down. They have no mold. No gunk growing on them. They look like she just bought them.

We put this stuff in our bodies.

Now Brat won't even eat McDonald's. And neither will I.

So I'm on another bandwagon. hopefully one that doesn't cause me to wake up next to strangers.

And I'm praying no one shows me what is in a Taco Bell Taco.


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Guess who's back?

Well I've taken a reprieve from blogging. Not intentionally it just sort of happened that way. Homeschooling, life, frustration, stress....yea it all got the best of me. But I'm going to try to do better. I will make a conscious effort to blog. I know I have a lot to share.

So I'm in a weight loss challenge with a group of ladies. I haven't weighed myself this week yet. But as of last week I am down 10 lbs. That is truly awesome. It almost makes it worth all the expense of eating healthier.

I know this post is boring. But I did want to touch base and say I'm still here. I'm going to post more. I promise.