Saturday, January 8, 2011

Just another Manic Monday.....

and Tuesday through Friday as well.

Wow this has been a busy week. I really intended to keep up with the blog, but I have been super busy with that crazy little thing called work.

I'm so tired I'm envious of the birds falling out of the sky because they can rest. Whew.

I don't have anything witty or enticing to say today so I guess I will do a quick and disjointed update of my scattered thoughts:

* Brat has scheduled us for like 14 hour school days. If she adds any more subjects she won't finish the year until 2014.
* When everyone in the house is too busy to clean, it begin to looks as though the Goodwill exploded and left the rejected items.
* By the time Grumpy gets my website up, I will be too old to write anymore
* By the time we get Brat's website up she will be past the age limit to use it
* I can write really powerful songs in my mind when I've slept less than 5 hours in 2 days, but chances are by morning I've forgotten them
* Brat can make herself gargle while she sings...its kind of odd yet unique
* Brat can write some pretty awesome songs for a 12 year old girl....though she might need to learn to write music unless she expects everyone who tries to sing them to have telepathy
* Summer makes up for winter in Michigan. Summer makes up for winter in Michigan. Summer makes up for winter in Michigan. Maybe if I keep repeating I'll believe it.
* I'm almost over losing my poems....almost
* If I leave the Christmas stuff up for one more week does that make me extra spirited or extra hillbilly?

Well thats my random thoughts for today. Tune in next time where we hope to be back with your regularly scheduled comedy.


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