Monday, March 14, 2011

The Queen is Going Postal

Welcome one and all. You are about to witness something that happens far to often in reality but only occasionally here on this lovely blog that I tend to ignore. The Queen Bee is about to go postal. You see there are a few topics that I feel the distinct need to rant and rave about. And since Grumpy is tired of hearing it, you shall have the pleasure.

These topics are just current things that are under my skin. If you don't might want to stop reading.

1) I do not need to cure my daughter. I do not want to make her better. Yes I'd like it if she didn't have to struggle so much. But do you know why she struggles so much? Because people are ignorant. Kids are ignorant. Yes they are. But they are ignorant because their parents allow it. Because their parents are ignorant. Because they do not teach them about accepting all of the people in society, even those that are different. Yes I'm aware that my daughter is high functioning. That means she does not have some of the same issues those who are not have. And for that I understand that some parents DO want to cure their kids. They do want to make them better. I'm not saying they are wrong. Just that I am not one of them. So I would be happy if people would stop assuming that I want to change who my daughter is. The only thing I want to cure is the ignorance that surrounds mental health and autism. The ignorance that makes people think it is something she should be ashamed of. Stop posting all these statuses about how kids only want to be accepted and start actually accepting them. What you post on Facebook as a copy and paste doesn't mean shit if you continually treat my daughter like she has the plague.

2) There is absolutely NOTHING funny about mental health problems or a mental health breakdown. If one more person say WINNING I think I'm going to thrown my computer out the window and that would be bad because I need it to work. You see everyone wants to crack jokes about Charlie Sheen. However, he tested negative for drugs. But in order to believe you are somehow right and in order to realistically spout off things about being a warlock and stuff in the shape he's in one of two things is occurring. He's either high, or he's lost his marbles. Literally lost them. He exhibits all the signs of a mental health disorder. He exhibits all the signs of a mental health breakdown. That, my friends, is not funny. Unless you have lived with someone (or yourself) with mental health problems you have no clue how much they can affect your life. And you have no clue how devastating they can be. And it does not matter how many millions he has. He can't seek treatment if he doesn't realize there is a problem. HE BELIEVES HE IS RIGHT! Classic mental health disorder. NOT FUNNY. It's laughing at shit like this that creates a stigma around mental health issues and makes it hard for people who have them to function in society as a normal person. So stop the damn jokes already. Stop wishing him dead. He's a human being. He deserves to live. He deserves for someone to care enough to help him. Most of all he deserves the respect to not be made fun of for something he has no control of. And no, I'm not a Charlie Sheen fan. I am, however, a proponent of treating those with mental health problems like regular human beings.

3) The world is going to hell and I blame the republicans. Yes I do. Look at what they did in Wisconsin. I mean who really cares what those pesky people that voted you into office want. Really? They are nobody. And now here there is crap going on. And in more states. I mean suddenly voting doesn't mean shit. Except maybe when we get the chance to vote and get these jackasses out of office. Until then, it does not matter what we want. It does not matter how many people fight it. It doesn't matter what is right or wrong. Republicans are sending us to hell and it started in Wisconsin. Thanks a lot Grumpy and your land of cheese.

And there you have it. The three things on my nerves this week. And they result from the same thing. Ignorance. I wish I could close my eyes and have all ignorance erased from the world. Just for one day. So for one day I wouldn't have to bite my tongue and sit on my hands to keep from pissing people off.


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