Saturday, March 6, 2010

The future American Idol auditions in the making

Brat's school has a talent show, though I use the title loosely. They call it a talent show. They even have the process of auditioning and waiting to see if you made it. Which only leaves me wondering how bad the kids were that got rejected.

Every year they narrow it down to their best. And that in itself is scary. Especially since she attends a school for the arts.

Hers was this past Tuesday. We attend. We kind of have to. Brat is always in it. And well I may sound like a bragging mom, and I probably am, but she definitely rates in the top 3-4 of the night. Of course so could I and I sound like I'm killing a cat when I sing. But seriously Brat has a beautiful voice and we are currently in the process of getting her a voice coach.

But these other kids??

Whew. In the first act they had an 8th grader play the Star Spangled Banner on electric guitar. He was really good. Which I could not say for the girl who chose to play electric guitar while singing (I think??) to a Taylor Swift song. Oh my ears.

They had several piano players that sounded like a recital of the first song you learned to play. A couple of comedy routines that I thought would never end. Several singers that scared the small children. And a few dancers that did great jobs of walking circles.

In their defense they had a couple of great singers, the staff did an awesome song as well and then they finished with a family dance routine that totally blew you away.

But the rest....I see chicken suits and Simon Cowell saying "What the bloody hell was that?" in their future.

Speaking of American in tarnation did Haley Vaughn make it onto the show? Her rendition of The Climb made my ears bleed.

I'm evil. I'm probably going to hell. But I'm taking you all with me!


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