Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The plane didn't go down...

I wasn't taken hostage or somehow kept from the blog world by a natural disaster. I actually arrived home safe and sound a week ago.

My trip to Nashville was awesome. I met some great friends and spent time with a wonderful little girl. My Biggest Loser audition was exciting and again led me to meet more friends.

I fell in love with a book store.

I didn't see Tim McGraw.

But all in all I really enjoyed the trip. And it changed me. In major and minor ways. The most major being I quit smoking when I came back. It's a struggle. Even now, on day 6 I am struggling to not smoke. I find as I get stressed I really want one. But I'm holding steady.

It's not that I didn't want to blog. Between homeschooling Brat and getting back into the real world I managed to escape for a week, I just haven't had time or energy. But one of my many changes is with this blog. I plan to blog daily.

So be warned. I might resort to sharing stories from my life LOL.


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