Thursday, February 11, 2010

The many transformations....

Today was my day off. A self proclaimed day off. In other words, I decided I needed a day for me. So yesterday I went and picked up a bunch of craft stuff. And today was officially craft day. Now let me stress that I have NEVER painted anything before. Except maybe the basement I painted for 2 years in my old house and still only got 3/4 done. That aside, painting is new to me. Especially painting crafts. But I'm on a mission. And today was my test run.

I will say that one of the projects isn't horrible for a first time. The other...well let's just say it took many transformations before I finally admitted it sucked.

Then I made a neat little snack craft for Brat's class. They damn well better appreciate it after I sat for 2 hours on the floor making them.

Here are some photos.

My supplies are ready:

Then I had the templates I created in Paint Shop

Did you know if you pencil in the back then it works like carbon paper? You can trace the pattern! Thanks Lynn for that awesome tip!!

And now we have project one...affectionately called POS! LOL. It had many different looks before I threw my hands up and said damn I can't get it!

Look 1: that was bout we paint over it??

Ewwww no. I have a better idea....

I can NOT paint freakin circles....I give up

On to project 2....the template has been transferred:

Not perfect but far better than &*&^$&&* otherwise known as project 1.

Yes I know my border is messed up....remember its FIRST TIME.

Project 2 finished....its a picture holder that hangs on the wall!

Brat liked it!

Now for the school treats....I got this idea from A Little Tipsy and thought it was super cute...but holy wow at how expensive it turned out to be!

All in all it was a good day off. I only cussed a few times at project 1. And now I know what I need to improve for my next attempt.


5 People Have Had Their Say:

Team Carter Jay said...

I love the cars! Adorable!

Anonymous said...

Those are cute! I even like #1!

cutiepiescustomcreations said...

holy moly, I LOVE those!!! The boys would love making them...ROFL I alreayd have a list of 5 things to make w/them this week, whats another one?!?! ha ha

wendy said...

love love love these! may need to run to target to see if they have clearance valentine candy, just in time for hudson's birthday? i think the kids would love to make these! great job.

Stephanie said...

Soo cute!!