Saturday, February 6, 2010

Yes I promise it's edible...

It was about a year and a half ago. I was going through one of my phases of desiring to be like these super cool moms who bake the most awesome desserts. Brat was having a birthday.

On my new bender of blog reading, I learned of Bakerella. She is like the Martha Stewart of baked goods. And she was taking the internet by storm. It was through a group of my cyber friends that I first learned of this Goddess and her super easy Cupcake pops.

I loved them. So I decided that I would make these awesome treats for Brat to take to school for her birthday. I mean wouldn't that make her the most loved kid in class? Her mom would forever be known as the one who brought that fantabulous dessert. So what could be the problem?

Oh yea, I can't bake. And even worse, I can't decorate what I baked wrong in the first place. But how hard could these super desserts be?

I started with the cake as instructed. And I must say it was thicker than 1 cm so I was off to a better start than most baking jobs I undertook.

Going good so far. It looks like a cake. It smells like a cake. Now I just have to make little balls. Even I can do that right? I mean I've made meatballs and such. It can't be too bad.

I definitely call that a success. Super easy. What on earth was I worried about? I mean I made the cake (from a mix) and I made the balls. I was rockin this baking job. Next step...cover them with chocolate and put them on their sticks.

At this point my confidence was soaring. Brat was going to have the best birthday treat in class ever. Mama was on a roll. Baking was now my friend. All I had left to do was cover them in white chocolate and then sprinkle them. I had bought styrofoam to place them in. Like a little cupcake pop bouquet.

What?? You mean I can get to the end and screw them up??? I mean putting a little white chocolate on them is TOO DAMN HARD??? Seriously?

Apparently so....

But don't get me wrong. Brat was remembered. My cupcake pops were most definitely remembered at least through the year. But not for the reason I would have liked. It seems that I got a hair in one. And that one happened to be the one her crush chose.

Now do you see why I say I can't bake?


5 People Have Had Their Say:

pinkebody said...

Oh no on the hair!!

Mine didn't turn out either, they ended up with no sticks & I don't think any of them were round after attempting to decorate them ;)

Stephanie said...

Oh no! I think you should try them again, I bet you could totally master them now!

stacey said...

LOL! Poor brat.
I think your pops look yummy, though!

Tiffany said...

I can't help but laugh b/c that is totally something that I would do! I'll bet they will be great next time!

cutiepiescustomcreations said...

I have been too SKEERED to try them, but I just saw an awesome idea---using donut holes as the balls---already done for you, oh yeah!!! I am going to get some and dip them in melted chocolate, then decorate w/sprinkes...its one of the many things I mentioned on that list of things to make w/the boys this week for vday...