Thursday, February 18, 2010

Show me the money!

I belong to a wonderful close knit online group. These ladies are more like sisters than cyber friends. In so many aspects of my life, they have been there for years. To cheer me on, to hold me up and to cry with me. There are so many times I am not sure I would have made it without their love and support.

Now they want to kill me.

You see, beginning Monday, we have a weight loss challenge going on. So far there are 19 of us signed up. It is a 3 month challenge. We post our percentage of weight lost each Monday.

I'm very competitive.

I can't not do my best.

They've even sweetened the pot. It costs everyone $5 to join in. That is either $5 in money or a $5 amazon card code from swagbucks. The winner of the challenge gets all that.

Did I mention I like books??

So not only do I have to do my best because I'm OCD. But now I want that prize. Yes I want the weight loss more. That's what its really all about.

But cash?? Gift cards?? For the poor people, thats like super awesome.

So show me the money baby!

I feel blessed to have such a wonderful group of ladies to join this with me. To be able to share my challenges and victories with them. To know I have that support system.

They can't kill me! I'm here forever.

Hopefully several pounds lighter and several gift cards richer.

Sooooooo my losin it debut

This is my before pic. Taken a couple weeks ago. This is me at 367 lbs. I'll post a losin it post every monday.

Provided Jillian doesn't do me in.

And just for the record I had to agree not to become bulimic, anorexic or a drug addict to win. Seriously. There goes my crack plans.


3 People Have Had Their Say:

Snarky Mom said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA! I am so glad I'm pregnant and cannot join you guys. Now I don't have to bother thinking up a lame excuse. Again, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Now where did I put that box of Girl Scout cookies???

Sarah said...

HAHA Huge ditto to the above!

But I will continue to cheer from the sidelines...and brush cookie crumbs from my lap ;)

cutiepiescustomcreations said...

Good luck, Jenni!!!