Thursday, January 28, 2010

Because self torture is so exciting...

I'm taking a drastic step toward "changing" me. Hey maybe my slogan should be hope and change -- think they are copyrighted?? ..anyways back to thought. I've thought a lot about this and I've decided I want to give it a go. I am auditioning for Biggest Loser.

I know what you are thinking. What on earth would make me want to torture myself with the extreme side of weight loss? Well, life. Because mine is valuable. At least to me and I'm pretty sure to Brat though she'd never admit it.

I have a serious weight problem. And because of that I also have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes. I get winded walking in Wal-Mart and I LOVE to shop. So for the skinny bitch inside screaming to get out, I'm going to give it a shot.

I know I'm up against many. But it can't be worse odds than playing the lottery. Or starting a blog and hoping to get readers.

If I make it, I hope Jillian whips my ass into shape. I hope I come home with my life changed. If I don't make will be on to plan b. First I have to have a plan b.

Don't worry for me fine folks. Worry for Grumpy and Brat. They would have to survive without me here. That's just plain torture.

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stacey said...

Rooting for you, Jenni!