Tuesday, December 29, 2009

65 in 365

Well when I decide to start changing life...I jump off the diving board into the deep end. My first real post is this! Now that's crazy ambitious. But let's give credit where credit is due. I found this over at Snarky Mom's blog Postcards From Insanity. Which if you are looking for another sarcastic but hysterical female perspective to life is an AWESOME blog. But back to the topic....

The point of this is to list 65 things you would like to accomplish in 365 days. I'm lucky if I change my undies 65 times in 365 days. But that's another story for another post. Right now we need goals. And goals I might actually accomplish. Because let's face it...even the mom of a preteen doesn't have time to build a rocket or solve world peace. So I must be realistic. What goals would I like to accomplish?? Well here is my list. Hopefully you will make your own. Be sure to comment and let me know.

1. Initiate a family fun day with activity twice a month
2. Teach Brat how to roller skate
3. Let's start small- Lose 30 lbs
4. Take Brat to the drive-in 3 times
5. Complete one craft or decorating project per month
6. Cut and color my hair and maintain it
7. Volunteer at the Rescue Mission
8. Quit Smoking (hey I have a year right??)
9. Go to the movies once per month
10. Go out to dinner once per month
11. Read one new book a month
12. Rent a newer release once per month and catch up on all movies I have been wanting to see
13. Walk Daily
14. Take Brat sledding
15. Go to the beach (here) 6 times
16. Replace the floors in my house
17. Replace the flooring in my house
18. Replace the toilet
19. Replace the dryer gas line
20. Try one new recipe a month
21. Cook more often
22. Set up and stick to a chore chart
23. Completely finish unpacking
24. Save towards a Disney trip
25. Help Brat pull up her grades
26. Get my diabetes, cholesterol and blood pressure all under control
27. Take a fun class in something I'd like
28. Go to NC to see family
29. Go to the beach (away from here)
30. Visit Chicago in style
31. Have a girls night out with K at least 3 times
32. Straighten Brats hair at least once a week
33. Remodel/decorate Brat's room.
34. Buy a new computer
35. Replace windows that need it
36. Actually use my filing cabinet
37. Start a savings account
38. Start Brat's savings account
39. Pay back Brat the money I owe her
40. Visit New York City (i'm getting ambitious, but its a dream!)
41. Purge the junk
42. Put all my photos in frames or albums
43. Make 12 new scrapbook pages
44. Learn to design Digi kits
45. Make disks of all digital photos
46. Get my business up and running good
47. Buy myself 3 new outfits
48. Buy myself some make-up
49. Go to Wisconsin to see family/friends
50. Go camping twice
51. Take Brat to a concert
52. Decorate for Christmas
53. Host Thanksgiving Dinner
54. Practice my non existant baking skills
55. Redecorate the bathroom
56. Redecorate the kitchen
57. Finish buying needed furniture
58. Write two chapters of the book I want to write
59. Make a budget and stick to it
60. Make myself do something for me every day
61. Clean house daily
62. Plant flowers in the spring
63. Organize my shed
64. Organize my inventory
65. Stay ahead on bills


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