Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Works for Me Wednesday...stain buster...

The lovely We are THAT Family blog hosts the fun Works For Me Wednesday Carnival every week. So I am here to share my Works For Me Wednesday tip.

You can not imagine the stains I my child can get on clothes. Apparently I look like I'm made of money and can just replace items at will. But unfortunately looks can be deceiving. Fortunately once, some friends shared a tip on a homemade stain remover solution. I thought well maybe it will help. Now it's not cheap. The ingredients can be pricy. But let me tell you, I once took PAINT off of an outfit. Seriously. This is the absolute most awesome stain solution I've ever used. As a matter of fact I'm going to try it in my steam cleaner to hopefully clean up these carpets.

Here's the recipe. Don't just take my word for it. TRY IT. I haven't met a stain yet I can't remove. Great now I just tempted fate.

How much of each item you use depends on what you are doing with it. I've actually increased it and used it in a washer overnight to clean couch cushion covers. Too bad it only made the rest of the couch look nasty.

1 cup Clorox 2
1 cup regular cascade powder
HOT water

Put your item in there and soak it. I usually soak overnight so its good and clean. Then wash as normal.

There you have it. My tip for the week!

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