Tuesday, December 29, 2009

When is it too much??

I realize I'm an old out of date mom. Obviously I realize this with the creation of this blog. But am I really that out of date?? Let me tell you a story.

I have this friend. We will call her Ellen. Ellen isn't a bad person. She has many good qualities. (Watch out, that's usually the lead in to talking about someone's not so good qualities). Anyways I've known Ellen since my teenage years. There's always been things about Ellen that I disagreed with. For starters her clothing. Most of it wouldn't fit around my thigh. But I digress. She's a grown woman and she can dress (or in this case it'd be easier to say NOT dress) anyway she wants to. Then of course, Ellen was always the....ummm...friendly...sort. Not that I didn't have my share of friendly times back in my youth. But I was a little more particular about who I was friendly with. For the most part. Give or take a couple of intoxicated evenings. I was never one to go to the bar and not be certain who was driving me home, if you catch my drift. But again, Ellen is a grown woman and can do what she pleases.

But Ellen had a child many years ago. And I know I was wild and crazy at one point. But when I had Brat I settled down. I might have the occasional crazy time, but they are few and far between. I just assumed that's what people did when they grew up, got married and had a family.

Now Ellen and I don't talk as much. Over the past ...oh ...10 years we've drifted further apart. Partially because of the 900 mile gap between us. I do see her when I go back home. Sometimes. And I enjoy it. Most of the time. But we just don't talk, call each other, send cards, email...whatever it is that friends do. And we certainly don't have the opportunity to go out on the town. That'd make for one more long ride home. So even though I still classify Ellen as a friend, I wouldn't count her as close anymore.

Well Ellen is my friend on Facebook. Speaking of which, don't you love Facebook? The place where all the people you hated in school can find you and you can post when you pee so they know? But back to the topic. She posts pictures. I admit the hot pink mini skirt/dress whatever with pink hair kinda took me by surprise...but most of them don't phase me. It's not like it's a shock.

Well I am noticing a trend. She posts a lot of pictures of her and friends out on the town. At least I'm presuming they are. Last set I looked at included all of them straddling a pole. Little off, but still not hugely disturbing. But the most recent ones...well I have to really wonder. You see they were out somewhere and as usual they were all hanging on top of each other. But they were doing things like sticking their tongues out and faking as if they are licking each others faces.

Now my first thought is...who does this?? Really? Ellen is older than me. And I can't for the life of me fathom a point when I'm out with my friends thinking hey let me try to lick her cheek. And if I somehow ingested massive drugs and alcohol and decided I wanted to lick their face...what would possess me to say Oh shit...let me grab my camera...hold that pose!

I can seriously see how after a few drinks when I'm feeling all invincible and sexual and me saying see this pole...i'm going to pretend I'm a pole dancer. Maybe. But licking my best friend's cheek? Not going to happen.

And then of all things you post that on facebook? So now the whole world can look at it. My thinking is Ellen or her friend or whoever posted it, was thinking hey this is cool. Let me post and see how awesomely sexy and funny my friends think I am. But what we are really thinking is...Damn what a jackass!

Now maybe I am way out of date, I thought. Maybe since obviously there was multiple people in this shot, maybe I'm a prude (i can honestly say I've NEVER been called that before) and I just don't know what a fun night on the town is. Could it be?

So tonight during my girls night out at K's with pizza and episodes of SuperNanny and Teen Mom...am I showing my age here??....I thought I'd share. And I said you know I can't imagine a point when I'd think let me grab the camera and take a picture of me licking your face.

Her response?

You would get decked.

And there my friends you have it. I'm either an out of date person with out of date friends, or this is really really weird.

You tell me. How far is too far to go when you are in your mid (me) to late (Ellen) 30's? Do you have a secret stash of photos of you licking your friends??

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