Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Blogs That Help...

Everyone needs something to soothe the day to day. And since I can't walk around in a drunken stupor, I've resorted to reading blogs. Now many of these may help me on my journey. Many help me save money. And the rest, well they just make me laugh. So I've organized my favorite blogs here for you by category. Better to organize now than end up organizing a mess later.

PLEASE NOTE: I wanted to set up my blog roll page, but I haven't actually added the blogs yet. This is because I have literally pages of bookmarked blogs I must sort through. So bear with me. But they are coming, I promise!

Frugal Blogs
These blogs will help you save money!

House and Home Blogs
These blogs are about anything to do with home, from decorating to well, whatever else you do at home

Craft Blogs
I'm exploring my crafty side...

Mommy Blogs
Blogs about being a mom (or dad)

Digital Scrapbooking Blogs
You can get great freebies or good deals on supplies

Blogs that are funny as hell
Need I really explain this?

Misc Blogs
These include people I know, photography, ebay blogs etc etc.


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