Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Random Comments from Brat...

Every now and then we have a comment said by Brat that can not go unnoticed. While many are completely out there and totally inappropriate....they send us into fits of laughter. So I will start documenting those comments as they happen. For this post I'm going to add the two funniest comments from this week....

"My friend said Santa wasn't real. He was just your parents. But I told her it couldn't be my parents because my parents are poor"

"What are balls? Nevermind I'll google it"

Yes folks. I'm raising a girl that will google balls to find out what they are. Now I must say in my defense I didn't let her google. But then that brought on the whole well what are testicles questions. Oy.

Such a potty mouth. Must have been all those Bratz dolls she played with.


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