Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Needles and Hair Cuts and Parties OH MY

Tomorrow is D-Day. The day Brat and I go have our blood work done. For me that's not so bad, or unusual. I swear they must be harvesting my blood somewhere. They sure have taken enough of it. But for Brat it's only the second time. EVER. And she is the overdramatic sort. So this has been a big worry on her mind. But Friday is New Year's Day and I don't know if the testing center is open. And Monday she returns to school. So in order to avoid having to miss the first hour of class, we are doing it tomorrow. Shhhh, I haven't told her yet.

Then we will set out on a mission. We will brave the stores. I haven't done that since last weekend. I hope the annoying hoards crowds of people have died down. But Brat has some more money on a gift card burning a hole in her pocket. And I have a gift certificate to get my hair done. YAY. So expect before/after pics tomorrow. Then we will pick up peanut butter and oatmeal for this awesome NYE cookie I found. Don't worry, it's no bake so the fire department won't be necessary.

Then tomorrow night we are headed to Tigger's house. They are having a small NYE party and we have been invited. YAY. I haven't been to a party since...well since I was of the age that I don't remember much of the party. This is a family party. Tinkerbell (Tigger's daughter) is a friend of Brats so she should have fun. I'm sure there will be alcohol involved, but unfortunately with pesky kids around we can't drink ourselves into a stupor to ring in the end of the year. HA. Not that I would anyway. I so would .

So tomorrow should be fun. I will be sure to take before/after pics of the 'new do'. And I'm going to be reviewing some things for you soon. Not that I was asked, compensated, or offered free shit to do it. But I feel it my duty to either tell you what is awesome to use or what blows chunks.


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