Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Can a baby have a mid-life crisis?

In terms of age, this blog is a baby. It has barely been around a few weeks. In blog years, that is absolutely nothing. Yet I'm having a mid-life crisis. Part of it is caused by the fact that in the real world, I'm going through some mental crap. Part of it is just indecision.

I started this blog with an idea in my mind of what I wanted it to be. Then I got obsessively reading other blogs. Then I started doing carnivals and memes. Now don't get me wrong, I'm a follower like that. I do stuff just because everyone else is doing it. Yes if all my friends jumped off a cliff I'd probably do it too.

But in all this I somehow lost my train of thought. What I want to be. Where I want this blog to go. I know that I love mommy blogs. But I don't just want to be another mommy blog. I have a vision. But achieving that vision takes a little thought. And my brain is mush.

So bear with me. I'm coming to terms with which direction I want this blog to go in. In the meantime just be patient. My mid-life crisis won't include a 20 something man, a convertible and low rise jeans. I promise.


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