Sunday, January 24, 2010

The world is doomed...

Yep you read that correctly. The world is doomed. Why? Well let me tell you a story.

I have a job. It's a work from home gig. Technically I am an "independent contractor". This just means I work for peanuts, they can lower my wage if they want, I get no benefits and I can do all this from the comfort of my sweat pants and t-shirt. Hey, we all have priorities.

Well I can't get into what my job is, what company I work with...any of that. It's part of the whole privacy agreement I signed. But I can tell you this much. I answer questions. The topics vary. But I spend a good chunk of my time talking to teenagers. Most of them young teenagers. And it scares me to see what they think they know.

I have a hard enough time when I have to explain masturbation to what appears to be a 13 year old boy. I find myself often wanting to ask where his parents are? What happened to sex education in school? And other seemingly obvious questions. But some of the questions about sex are much more serious. I get a lot of 'How do I know if I'm pregnant'. I get a lot of how to perform specific acts.

But what kills me are the questions that prove that society is failing our teens. Today I got this beauty:

"What is the best sex position so I know she won't get pregnant?"

Really? This is what our teens think? No wonder teen pregnancy rates are on the rise. No wonder two of our Ambassador Girl Scouts (Think top level seniors in High School) are toting babies to the events. Where are the parents?? What are they NOT teaching their kids.

If you are a teen and are reading this I have news for you. EVERY POSITION CAN GET YOU PREGNANT. The only guaranteed way to not get pregnant is abstinence. The second best way is condoms or other contraceptives.

I am worried about what our teens aren't learning. They know how to build bombs, surf the internet, make hearts on their facebook status and design video games. But they do not know how to prevent STD's and pregnancy. Shouldn't those things be a priority??

I blame parents first. Because ultimately it is a parent's responsibility to teach their kids how to keep themselves safe. SAFETY FOLKS. This isn't about showing them that we want them to save it for marriage. Obviously we do. But if they are going to do it, and they WILL, we want them to be safe. We teach them how to prevent accidents in the car. We don't want them to have to handle the car if they slip on ice. But IF it happens we want them to know what to do. Because safety is important. Parents bitched about sex ed classes saying it was a family matter. Then DO IT. Don't assume that little Johnny is not going to do anything wrong. Teach him. Show him values first and then follow it up with safety.

Second I blame schools. Rather than do the job they have and TEACH, they let parents dictate what they will and won't do. And that leads to not doing enough. Why do these kids believe that by hanging upside down in water while having sex they will not get pregnant? Because they haven't been taught any better.

So I am honest with Brat. Sometimes too much LOL. But I want to know that she is well aware of what can and does happen.

Guys I tell you honestly if you had to answer the questions I have to answer, you would be screaming for sex ed from the roof top. Don't think your kids are innocent. Or that they don't ask questions. They just ask them anonymously to strangers who very well could steer them wrong. Wouldn't you rather they ask you?


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