Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What I did for me Wednesday!

I spend so much time doing for everyone else. I decided as part of changing into my very own human person, I would start telling what I did for me this past week. And I want you to join in with me!! Blog about what you did for yourself and then link up here. Now remember, it has to be something you do for yourself. Not the kids. Not the husband. Not the dog. Just you!

I rarely do anything for myself. I don't spend money on myself. I don't even often make decisions on meals because I want them. I am so busy doing what everyone else wants, or buying what everyone else needs, I get lost in the shuffle. Isn't that the way it always is with moms?? I mean don't get me wrong, I LOVE doing for my family. But every now and then we need a little something too. So my list may be small, but its huge at the same time.

* I went to a New Year's small gathering at my friends. Seems like no biggie. But I went against "mom guilt" to go. You know, the "what am I going to do all alone for New Year's while you are there?" I stuck to what I wanted to do!

* I ordered myself not one but THREE new books from Amazon! Best of all? I used Swagbucks to do it!

* I took plenty of long hot showers. Really guys, I LOVE my shower head. Not not like that. Hush.

* I got my hair cut. Yes I had a gift certificate, but I MADE TIME to go do it.

* I made no bake cookies a couple times. I'm in this urge to take time and make homemade stuff and I did it.

That's my small list for the week. What did YOU do for YOU??

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