Saturday, January 2, 2010

Dear 2010...

We started the year off with a disaster bang. Can we tone it down now? Seriously. I think too much more excitement this early in the year may cause someone to get hurt.

I realize that the first week of 2010 involves getting back into the school routine followed by the nightmare fun we have at the Girl Scout overnight event. But maybe we can reserve the excitement for all of that.

So what do I want this year? Since you asked.

1. I'd like to have a little peace in my life. Maybe only work 80 hours a week instead of more.
2. How about one day I grasp the feeling of sleeping a full 8 hours and waking up. Not 4 hours because there isn't time for rest. Not 15 hours because I'm depressed overly tired.
3. Could you give me the energy time to read a few books this year.
4. I need to FINALLY have the opportunity to see New Moon
5. I'd like to make a grocery budget and stick to it
6. Losing about 30 pounds would be if you could please remove chocolate from the checkout lines at the store that'd be great
7. I'd love to bake a cookie that didn't look like he-man on crack
8. Maybe throw in some more fun outings to take Brat on that involved getting off my lazy ass and actually doing something.
9. Throwing in a really really high score on Bejeweled Blitz would be fantabulous.
10. Speaking of Facebook...could you possibly remove Farmville so that I don't get riddled with 3,456,789 requests to send a plant or whatever the hell they are wanting
11. Since we are making it possible to make it through the year without all the pre-teen drama? No? I didn't think so.
12. See the bills over there -----> I'd like to pay those
13. Vast quantities of liquor may help with all of the above
14. I'd like to see my house unpacked and organized but first we have to work on #1
15. And about some quiet peaceful..non dramatic days?

See, 2010, I have been excited about your presence in my life. It meant 2009 was over. That was a bad year. But then you introduced yourself with all the drama and excitement of 2009. I don't want that!! So maybe you can pay close attention and we can work together to make this one rocking year!

Queen Bee


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