Friday, January 8, 2010

I'll take a double

There are days that drive me to drink. If of course I had any liquor in the house. Or any money to purchase any. I may have to learn how to make moonshine or something just for days like this. I mean really? What is up with the universe today.

I knew it was going to be a bad day when I realized at noon that I'd shut the clock off this morning. The problem with realizing that at noon is that you also realize that pesky child is still there. Oops. Sorry teacher. Didn't mean for her to miss school today. Trust me, in the mood she's been in, I REALLY didn't mean for her to be home ALL.DAY.LONG.

Damn it all.

Yes my lazy ass stayed in bed til noon. I blame the theraflu. Technically when I realized it at noon I said to hell with it and went back to sleep. So sue me. I've been sick and life has sucked and I just slept. A lot.

So I woke up later feeling like the useless piece of garbage we are all trained to feel like if we aren't perfect. I'm a failure...blah blah. Go tell Dr. Phil. I've got bigger fish to fry. Like the fact I've got to work and come up with the money I need to go to this torture festival overnight with Girl Scouts tomorrow.

Let's not even get into the work situation. I mean the company that is my main bread and butter right now is making some very wise business decisions. FOR THEM. The rest of us just get it without so much as a kiss. They want me to work for points. Yes I said that right. POINTS. And then these points are worth...hold your breath....7/10th of a penny each. So at the end of the month, they add it up and that's what you make. And then a month later they pay you. How fucking generous.

If I wanted to work for points, I could find something much much easier and better than this thankyouverymuch. But right now I still have the option to work for my small paycheck and I do. Or I try.

Brat was in a mood today. She did a no no on the rules list. So she lost her phone for the day. Damn if she didn't do it again. Girl gets her stubborn streak from Grumpy. I'd NEVER push it to the extreme like that if you believe that, I've got a job you can have where you work for points. So she lost phone AND computer for the day. Whatever will she do without access to facebook and Sims 2.

I go later to smoke, and I'll be damned if that girl had not drug her fold out foam chair/bed thingy outside. In the snow. And she was laying on it. In a tank top and pj bottoms. What the hell? According to her, she was now a hobo with no where to live and no one to love her. So my calm cool collected self did the only thing you can do in this situation.


My neighbors love me.

It worked though. She brought the bed in. And slammed the door. And all my lights went off. Well not all. Only the living room, Brat's bedroom and half of my bedroom. Out. Gone. TV. Computers. All of it. So Grumpy heads off to the breaker box to fix it. HA. Can't be fixed. Well it can. But it's going to take an electrician.

Seriously when the previous owner told me about the TLC this place needed, she left a LOT out.

So we have half power. Of course we got the computers back up and running. I mean I'm crazy but not THAT crazy.


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