Monday, January 4, 2010

Queen Bee's New Year's Rockin Eve

Here are some photos from our fun little NYE get together at Tiggers. Not many photos to share out of respect for the fact that they might not want their photos plastered all over the internet.

First off I tried my hand at some no bake cookie balls I found at Taste and Tell. They were sooooo pretty. Until I tackled the recipe.

Yep they were some ugly little things. But they did taste sooo good. No leftovers to bring home sadly.

Next a discreet photo of the girls as Justin Bieber sang on tv. See the overdramatic reaching for him?? Imagine the screams that flooded the house as they realized he was on. It was so ear piercing cute.

Finally a message from Grumpy. I think he was just mad because he admitted that with a little drinking he could possibly be caught licking Mater's face. Yes we were talking about Ellen again. Sadly for Grumpy, no one is willing to go to the bar with him now.


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