Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Works For Me Wednesday! Backwards Edition

So you probably already know that We Are That Family hosts a weekly blog carnival called Works For Me Wednesday. Normally bloggers share tips on what works for them in some way or shape. But this week it's all twisted up.

Instead of giving you a tip-- we are asking for your tips. It's the backwards edition!

So in keeping with the idea of my blog, I'm going to ask for tips on developing a life, hobbies etc.

What works for you? Do you have a girls night out? Do you craft? Do you compulsively shop? What do you do that is a way to give yourself some much needed ME time?


1 People Have Had Their Say:

Angela said...

I bake, and I run and then I blog! I started a baking blog and loved it, and then when I started training for a half marathon I started blogging about that too to keep me accountable. The best part about my hobby is that when I bake stuff, I typically give it away and I love that!