Monday, January 4, 2010

Hair Today, Gone Tommorow

Slacker moms unite against deadlines.

Or at least that is my excuse for not posting these before/after pics sooner. Truth is, the photos are BAD. They make me look even worse than I actually do. They also add a good 50 pounds. a woman can dream? . So I've procrastined sharing them on the world wide web. My one thousands of readers might think less of me.

Seriously though, here are the before and after pics. Notice all the frizz. And you can't tell from here, but I have THICK THICK hair. I mean horribly thick. And horribly curly. Sorry about the darkness. The lighting in my bathroom sucks. And Grumpy just said "Why didn't you have me take the photos?"

Guess I needed less liquor relaxing that day and I might have thought of it.


and,......AFTER ( I LOVE IT...even though it wasn't the original plan)


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