Monday, January 4, 2010

Not Me Monday!

The lovely MckMama started a fun tradition in Not Me Mondays. I thought I'd like to participate. So here goes.

It was not me that skipped working over the weekend while it was busy. I certainly didn't skip so that I could read blogs. No way, NOT me. I am way more responsible than that. I worked as planned.

It was not me that ran out of dinners just one day short of the money hitting the account. I most certainly did not then make Brat eat Ramen noodles until midnight when the money hit. It was NOT me that then bought a bunch of frozen junk dinner because who wants to cook at midnight?? I always provide a balanced diet for Brat.

It was not me that poured my NYE drinks. I did not make them a little stronger than I should. I did not! I am not a lush like that.

It was not me that stayed up late and slept late over winter break. I did not get our sleeping schedules all screwed up. I would never do that. I know how important a good schedule is.

It was not me that has avoided grocery shopping for days. It was not me that hasn't even made a list or planned my menu. I am on top of things. I am always prepared.

It is not me that still has Christmas decorations up. It certainly is not me that doesn't plan to take them down until next weekend. I never procrastinate like that.

It is not me that is sick. I never get sick.

It is not me that is hoping I will be too sick to go to the Girl Scout overnight event Friday. It is not me that is dreading it like a root canal. I love Girl Scouts and look forward to all events.

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