Tuesday, January 26, 2010

This is an emergency...please exit to the left in an orderly fashion...

Have you ever had a moment where your life flashed before your eyes? If not, have you ever wondered what would go through your mind?

Well today we are sitting here doing our normal daily stuff. By that I mean goofing off on the computers working and stuff. It's getting close to time to pick Brat up. And I had sold something on Craigslist that I had to drop off so I had to go with Grumpy to get her. Ironically my blood sugar picked this very moment to plummet to very low levels. So I am having a Mountain Dew throwback (Which are awesome by the way) and trying to get my sugar back up. Suddenly we smell something. It's a something burning kind of smell. Like if you leave an iron on and it starts burning the ironing board. At least that's what I think I remember an iron smelling like since I'm not even sure I own one.

Back to the story. We smell this smell and well we had nothing that should have smelled that way. So we panic. Grumpy points out that he needs help to locate what is burning. So he starts down the hallway. I head to the bathroom and can't find anything. I then get into the hallway and the room starts spinning. Remember my blood sugar was low. So I fell. Grumpy continued to hunt. Not realizing I had fallen, he gives me the evil eye when he comes back and sees me sprawled in the floor. Yes dumbass I normally decide to plop my butt in the middle of the hallway and especially while I think something might be on fire in my house. Can I roll my eyes here??

So we narrowed it down to either the furnace or the electrical problems we are having. Just lovely. The smell went away right as the heater turned off so I'm leaning towards the furnace. But we had to leave. I informed Nana what was going on and handed her a fire extinguisher just in case.



But as I sat there getting ready to go I looked longingly at my desk. What should I do? I mean what if something caught fire while I was gone? I'd lose everything. Maybe I should put the computer in the car? Oh and my camera? I mean what would I lose if those were gone?? I surely can't replace them. I'm too broke. And all my photos for years are on the computer.

But it would be silly to unhook it all and stick it in the car right?? Plus then I'd have to take Brat's and put hers in the car. Then Grumpy would want his. Yes folks we have multiple computers. And seriously wouldn't it look bad if we loaded up computers and cameras and left my mom here???

So I settled. I handed Grumpy Brat's phone. I mean yes I got them (blackberry) on a buy one get one deal. The drawback to that is I got no warranty. If its gone, I pay the $500+ to replace it. So I said "here take this and I'll take mine, we can't replace those." And we left.

On the way to the school I realized I never even thought of the dog.


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