Monday, January 25, 2010

Not Me Monday....

I'm participating in MckMama's weekly NOT ME! Monday. Head over to her site to see what she and everyone else has not been doing!

I did not end up missing my scheduled volunteer hours because life had gotten the best of me. And if I had I most certainly did not sleep in way too late. And even if I had done all of that, I certainly did not lay there feeling sorry for myself until the wee hours of the morning. No way! Not Me.

I did not allow my daughter to invite a friend of a friend that she had met once and only chatted on facebook with over for a sleepover. I did not then take them and buy them pizza, movies and a video game. I did not then have the girl decide she didn't want to stay and go home. That would be terrible.

I did not then see this girl talking to my daughter about making out in the bed with her boyfriend. I did not about have a heart attack. I did not have to decide whether to ban this girl or not. I did not decide that she's going to come across this eventually and being secretive about this stuff will only entice her more. No way. That would be liberal parenting.

I did not get into a debate on politics with my relative who doesn't debate well on Facebook. I did not share how I felt about previous administrations. I did not question his theory of socialism. That would be silly.

I did not have dessert night two nights in a row instead of our one night. I did not do this because I did not totally ruin my turtle brownies. I am not bad enough of a baker to ruin boxed brownies. No way.

I did not suddenly find and become obsessed with the Knock Off Wood blog. I do not now have multiple plans for building stuff this spring/summer. I am not afraid that I will ruin it. Obviously I must be good at something since I am NOT good at baking.

I am not in a down place right now. I do not need to find a way to bounce back. I am not feeling like i'm on a drowning boat all alone. That would mean I did not have it all together. And we know I have it all together.

So what have you NOT been doing??

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