Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I have a dream....

No, really, I do. It is to have a blog that is humorous while also being helpful to moms who suddenly find themselves with a kid or kids that don't quite need them as much. Who suddenly have to "get a life". Those who suddenly need "hobbies" and "friends" that do not center around the kids who are growing up way too fast. Those of us driven to drink a new reality that is called adulthood.

So I've been thinking, what can I do to promote that among my blog? And I have an idea. Now it may flop like most some of my ideas. But I'm going to give it a go.

Beginning tomorrow I will start "I did it for me Wednesday". I will start by telling what I've done for myself over the past week. I will add a nifty little linky and you can blog about what you've done for yourself this past week.

It's a start to seeing how we can be people as well as mom. Especially when mom is told at Wal-Mart "Hey when we get inside, you are my aunt".

So be thinking of what little or big things you have done for yourself in the past week!


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