Saturday, January 2, 2010

Queen Review: Betty Crocker Cookie Mix

Before I start, let me say...I haven't been recruited to do reviews. I am not being paid. I didn't receive products in exchange for my review. I'm doing it for two reasons. One- if we are going to take this journey into adulthood together then I should share what works for me or what doesn't. Second- If anyone is interested in me doing reviews, I'd be more than happy to LOL. But mainly #1. I mean what kind of travel guide would I be, if I didn't share my love or hate of products.

All that said, let's get on to it. I signed up for this great site called Now I will tell more about them in another post. But it's pretty self explanatory. You sign up, you apply to host various house parties sponsored by companies, if chosen you receive a party pack with all you need for the party. I was chosen. Twice (but I'll share the second later). My first party was a Betty Crocker Cookie Dough House Party.

To be honest when I first received notice I'd be chosen I thought what crack induced coma was I in when I applied to host a cookie party. ME?? I can burn no bake cookies. I mean that's a mild way of saying my cookie skills are horrible not so great. But I was feeling all Christmasy and stuff so I took the challenge.

I was sooo geeked when I got my party pack in the mail. So I set it up. Weather caused it to be postponed. New date didn't work for some. Well basically after several tries we ended up with Brat and her BFF (still trying to find a name for her). But we baked cookies all day long, then enjoyed them with a game of Christmas Bingo. Followed by some wii games. It was a wonderful day.

So how was the cookie mix?? Well we tried several different kinds. We baked Peanut Butter, Sugar, Oatmeal Chocolate Chip and Chocolate Chip.

One thing I LOVED about the cookie mixes is that they were S-I-M-P-L-E to make. Even the girls at age 11 were able to completely make the dough by themselves.

They required very simple ingredients. Just eggs and butter. And when mixing, it was simply a few minutes until they were ready for the pan. This is great when making cookies with kids. They aren't very patient and are ready to get to the eating.

Now the down side? There wasn't much of one. Except for the Chocolate Chip cookies. Now I'm a chocolate chip nut. And I like my chocolate chip cookies to be really chocolate chippy. These just didn't measure up. They have a great flavor...but not enough chocolate chips. Otherwise, all the cookies were awesome. And like I said, perfect for making cookies with kids.

All that aside, even the best, easiest mix can't keep me from messing up the cookies!


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